Let's get to know Monika Pawlak, owner and designer of Be Mi.

How did you come up with the name of the brand, Be Mi?

Be Mi is named after my two children- Benjamin (Be-) and Mila (-Mi). The kids are also very involved in the process, by default, which I love, and makes the name that much more appropriate. I’m a working mom! Quite often they come with me to the factory, the dye-house and they help with all of the fittings! We have the kids really wear each piece, play, and run around in each style. They give feedback on what they like and don’t like. They are tough critics! That informs how we make each piece fit, what the children want out of a style, and the wearability of each style.

How did you start this business? What inspired the brand? The aesthetic?

Shopping for my kids really inspired the brand. I wanted something that felt modern and had an easy urban streetwear feel to it, but what I was looking for wasn’t there. Be Mi has a very Los Angeles streetwear feel to it that is fun, and (most importantly) is comfortable and effortless. Kids can be so picky about both how things fit and feel. We spend a lot of time fabric sourcing for super soft, kid-approved fabrications for fuss-free, easy styles.

What is unique about the Be Mi brand?

Be Mi is designed, developed, and manufactured here in Los Angeles. All of our knits as well. This is very  important to us and allows us to be more hands-on with the process from start to finish and build relationships with the people who help bring our vision to life. It also means that we are able to deliver a much higher quality product. 

What is your vision for this brand?

Right now, we’re just super excited to see other kids out in Be Mi. Long term, I’d really love to keep growing. We’re currently expanding our geographical reach. Lots to look forward to!