Born in Los Angeles in 2019, Be Mi - is cool, stylish and comfy to wear clothing brand. Our modern collections break from traditional and overused tropes by featuring designs that allow for true self-expression. We understand and take on the responsibility of providing an opportunity for children to dress in a way that represents their true personalities. That’s why our clothing shies away from overly-cute and sweet design clichés.

Instead, our thought-provoking designs strike a true middle ground so that your kids can wear the latest-and-greatest in awe-inspiring fashion. Bring your child to the forefront of the fashion world by clothing them with our sleek, eye-catching designs.

From One Mother to Another

Unable to find clothes that truly represented her children, Be Mi’s founder undertook the difficult task of combining her motherly concern, artistic vision, and fashion knowledge to create LA’s new leader in kid’s clothing. Named in honor of its founder’s children, Be Mi embraces every mother’s desire to outfit her children in confidence-boosting, stylish clothing.

 We’re pleased to offer you high-quality, locally sourced children’s clothing, and we hope you find something you and your children will love! Join us in blazing a new trail in children’s fashion and in bringing confidence and pride to children around the world.